Have you been denied boarding?

If you have been denied boarding, chances are high that you have right to compensation of up to €600 per passenger! Enter your flight data in our flightchecker and see how much you are entitled to!

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What is denied boarding?

Denied boarding is when the ground personnel of the airline keeps you from entering your booked flight. Of course, you need to be on time for your flight, have the right travel documents and be physically, as well as mentally healthy able to fly. If all these conditions apply to your situation, you have been denied boarding.

What is the reason for my boarding refusal?

The most common reason for boarding refusal is that your flight has been overbooked by the operating airline. In order to optimize profits airlines sell more tickets than there are actually seats available in an airplane. They assume that some of the passengers will not make it to their flight. If this assumption holds true, the airline is maximizing its profits. However, if all passengers are there to take their booked flight, the airline is forced to deny boarding for some of them because there are not enough seats for everybody.


According to the European Regulation 261/2004 passengers are entitled to compensation if they are refused entry to a flight. However, your replacement flight must have a delay of 3 hours or more compared to the initial scheduled arrival time. If the alternative offered by the air carrier to you is not an option and you decide not to travel further, you are likely to be entitled to the amounts below. The compensation amount is determined by the flight distance and the delay of arrival at your final destination:

  • €250.00 for flight up to 1,500km
  • €400.00 for flights between 1,500 and 3,500km
  • €600.00 for flights over 3,500km

In addition, two preconditions are important to be entitled to compensation, namely:

  • You have been refused boarding by an air carrier with headquarters within the EU
  • Your flight took off in the EU

The legal process of claiming can be an exhausting undertaking for individuals. Frequently we experience that airlines see their duties fulfilled as long as they bring their clients to their final destination. Indeed air passengers have right to compensation if they arrive 3 hours late at their final destination as against to their denied flight.

As a specialized service provider for claims against airlines, we have the experience and knowledge that makes us a superior partner on your side to obtain your compensation. We take any action necessary in order to get your claim, even if this means legal action in court where we represent you. The bottom line is that your right is granted faster with a lot less hassle.


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Submit your claim with all relevant documents free of charge at Aviclaim. We will then proceed your case against the airline. If successful we hold 29% commission of the compensation amount. If not, there are no costs for you since we work on a success basis.

Legal Process

We help you to receive what belongs to you! Often claims for denied boarding are rejected because the airline took care of you by offering a new flight. This is not true and we want you to know that you have right to more. If necessary, we file a lawsuit in court without any extra fee.

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