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If your flight has been delayed, you are likely to be entitled to compensation. With more than 3 hours of delay you can claim up to €600 per passenger! Check your flight now

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When am I entitled to compensation with a delayed flight?

If your flight was delayed, you may be entitled to a financial compensation. The total duration of the delay is determined by the difference between the actual arrival time and the estimated time of arrival (given on your ticket). If the difference is more than 3 hours, the compensation can be up to €600 per passenger! The arrival time is determined when the door of the aircraft opens at the gate.


The European Regulation 261/2004 stipulates that passengers are entitled to financial compensation when their flight has been delayed by more than 3 hours. The form and amount of compensation depend on two factors: the duration of the delay and the travel distance.

You are entitled to the following compensation per air passenger:

  • €250.00 for flights up to 1,500km
  • €400.00 for flights of more than 1,500km within the European Union
  • €400.00 for all flights between 1,500 and 3,500km outside the European Union
  • €600.00 for all flights of more than 3,500km outside the European Union (with more than 4 hours delay)

For flights of more than 3,500km outside the European Union, the compensation amount will be reduced by 50% if the flight delay is between 3 and 4 hours. Then the compensation is €300 per air passenger.

There are two further preconditions to have the right to compensation. Because it is European legislation, it is essential that you flew or departed from the European Union with an European airline. In addition, the incurred delay should be the fault of the airline and shall not be caused by external parties or circumstances, such as political riots in the country of destination or severe snowfall.

A claim against the airline can be a stressful process. It takes a long time before you get an answer about your claim or you might not get a response at all. In many cases, claims are rejected on the basis of exceptional circumstances even if these do not apply to your flight. Because we collect many claims we are stronger than individuals and the airlines know that we will proceed to the court if they do not grant compensation! As a result, you often get your compensation faster and don't have to worry about the whole process.


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Legal Process

We want you to get what you are entitled to. Airlines often reject a delayed flight claim because of exceptional circumstances. In many cases this statement is incorrect. Sometimes a court procedure is necessary. It is part of our service to represent you in court without any additional costs for you.

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